Літній табір МАРЦИПАН


Вибір Країни 2016

Training restaurant offers:
Dishes for banquets, stand-ups, caterings

and customized orders


 Cold dishes and snacks

50/50    Snack "Marine kingdom" (jellied fish in mayonnaise foundation)
40          Volauvents with red caviar
30/10   Quail egg with black caviar on toast
100       Assorted fish (halibut, hunchback salmon, smoked salmon, crayfish)
100       Assorted Meat (chicken, pork ham, Ukrainian bacon, Moscow sausage)
100      Jellied Tongue (veal)
100      Jellied Meat with horseradish
50/50  Stuffed Tomatoes
50        Ships with pepper and cheese mass
40        Snack "Rafaello"
100      Eggplant stuffed with sheep cheese
50        Profiteroles with pate
50        Canapé in assortment
50        Rolls "Appetizing"
50        Rolls "Interesting"
50        Salad "Boston" (chicken, boiled  potatoes, cheese, marinated mushrooms)
50         Salad "Coral" in baskets
100       Salad "Podil’skyi"
100       Salad-cocktail with pineapple
100       Salad with tomato, mozzarella and capers
100       Salad with tuna and avocado
100       Vegetable salad with parmesan cheese
100        Salad "Caesar"
2 * 30     vegetable hedgehog
100        Assorted stuffed and pickled vegetables
20/20    Olives
20/10    Lemons

Hot Appetizers

80/10 Bowel with greaves
80       Kupaty
75        Julienne
75        Liver with onions baked in puff baskets
100     Fish baked in hutsulskyi style
100      Fish fried with vegetables
100      Spicy" Tongue

First Course

300/50   Mushroom soup with eyelets
300/40   Ukrainian borsch with doughnuts
300/60   Borschok with puffy patty
300         Solyanka  (a spicy soup of vegetables and meat)
300         Thick gruel in Galician style
300         Cabbage soup  in Zaporizhia style
300         Broccoli cream-soup
300         Onion soup with toasts

Main dishes

150        Fish fillet in crispy dough
150        Trout in Galician style
100         Carp baked in sour cream
100         Salmon fried with vegetables
125         Chicken rolls with dried apricots
125         Cutlet  in  Kiev style
100        "Spicy" pork rolls
100         Veal lockets
100          Meat baked in polonyns’kyi style
100          Rolled meat "Amber"
100/25   Pork steak under pineapple sauce


100    Home-baked potatoes with bacon
100    Potatoes with bacon baked in foil
100    Grilled Vegetables
100    Poached Vegetables "Fragrant"
100    Vitamin mix
100    Risotto with vegetables
100    Vegetable leche
100    Spaghetti with spinach


100    Hot coolness
125     Strawberry Blues
120     Mole-fei
100     Tiramisu
120     Chocolate fondue with fruit
100     Ice Cream in an assortment
115     Chippolino
100     Cream-caramel

Confectionery in a wide range:      


La Gioconda
Poppy seeds-and-cheese
Cottage cheese pancakes with fillings
Honey puffy
Drunk Cherry


Bon jour
Funny windmill
Moon Light
Day and night
Cream and Chocolate

Cakes for individual orders and with exclusive decorations:
Chocolate and cherry
Poppy seeds-and-nut

Cold and hot drinks in a wide range.